Virtu - Architectural Handrail Brackets

The Virtu line consists of glass handrail fittings designed for use with glass railing systems. Virtu architectural handrail brackets are available in a variety of wall mounted and glass mounted configurations to suit any glass railing system. These handrail brackets require only mechanical installation, so no unsightly welding is needed. This allows you to save time and money during the production phase, while also achieving a smoother look.

Our glass handrail fittings also feature multiple points of articulation, meaning that even if you were designing a curved glass hardware system or something like a glass panel spiral staircase, you’d have no trouble utilizing Virtu handrail brackets at any desired angle. They also adhere to the aesthetic appearance of our other product lines, so our articulating architectural handrail brackets will fit right in with the rest of your exposed connecting system.


Wall mounted handrail bracket


Flanged wall mounted handrail bracket


Handrail bracket for glass mounting (w/ button)


Handrail bracket for glass mounting (w/ washer)