Fully Customizable Glass Railings Hardware Supplier & Manufacturer

As a glass railings hardware supplier, our goal at Architectural Fittings is to provide high-quality exposed architectural glass fittings for exterior or interior glass wall systems. We are proud to be the sole glass hardware manufacturer of our proprietary glass fittings, which are perfect for those interested in maintaining complete creative design control over their glass railing system. Our glass fittings are suited for both commercial and residential use and are available to the United States and Canada.

In a time when prefabricated solutions are becoming all too common, we know it can be hard for architects and designers to meet commercial projects’ demands while creating something truly unique for their client. Therefore, we have developed our architectural glass hardware to allow you far more creative freedom as you plan your architectural glass systems. All of our product lines were designed to be configurable into any number of combinations, which allows for a more uniform aesthetic for any glass hardware system which features an exposed connecting system.

Browse our different product lines or call us to learn more about our unique architectural glass fittings. We are also a custom glass hardware manufacturer, so if you do not find quite what you are looking for, or if you require something specific, we can design custom glass fittings tailored to your current architectural design project. For the highest levels of quality and creativity, make Architectural Fittings your preferred glass railings hardware supplier.