Custom Mounting Brackets

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Architectural Fittings can provide custom glass fittings or custom mounting brackets for any particular project. If you find our product selection appealing but think some modifications will be required to suit a particular application, we can produce it. We are also able to accommodate completely customized solutions as well.

If you need custom glass fitting solutions that don’t match up with our current line of products, we encourage you to reach out for a consultation. Please provide a working sketch or drawing of the overall application and we would be glad to discuss a solution with you. Whatever modifications our existing products need can be easily met with machined precision. If you need something completely customized, we can fabricate custom mounting brackets that are in keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of our products. This will ensure that they work in concert with the rest of our products to create a smooth, uniform appearance.

You can reach out to us at and submit your working sketches or drawings to We would be happy to discuss how we can help you in your current design endeavor!